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Getting started with Airopay

How do I sign up for an Airopay account?

Which countries can I send money from?

How much does it cost to send money with Airopay?

Security and privacy

How safe is Airopay?

How is Airopay regulated?

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Setting up a transfer

How do I set up a transfer?

How long does a transfer take?

How can I make a transfer for a specific amount in another currency?

Active transfers

What is the status of my transfer?

What happens if I’ve forgotten my reference number?

Will I get an email when the transaction is complete?

Why does my transaction status say ‘completed’, but the money isn’t in my recipient’s bank account yet?

Transfer verification

Do I need to provide any supporting documents?

How do I send/upload my documents?

How soon after uploading my documents will my transfer be processed?

Paying by bank transfer / card

How do I pay via bank transfer?

How do I know if my bank transfer has gone through?

Why is there an extra charge when I pay by credit card?

Why has my debit card payment been rejected?

Managing your account

Can I edit my personal information after registering?

How can I edit my existing recipients’ details?

Can I have multiple Airopay accounts?

How do I close my Airopay account?


Why haven’t I received a confirmation email?

Why doesn’t the Airopay website work when I try to make a transaction?

My Airopay account appears to be blocked. What’s happened?

About us

Is Airopay a bank?

What does Airopay stand for?

How do you keep your fees so low?

How do I make a charity donation with Airopay?

How does Airopay support good causes?

Sending money to...

Sending money to Kenya

Sending money to Nigeria

Sending money to Mexico

Sending money to Poland